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Local History Matters: Early Treasures from the Collection

The material culture of history is as varied as the people who live in a community. Objects from cookware to coverlets, from paintings to petticoats all tell the story of the people who came before us. History museums collect many things that don't always seem obviously "historical." But these artifacts reflect the myriad aspects of everyday life and teach us about how our predecessors lived, how they worked, what they wore, and what kind of people they were. This exhibit features some of the oldest things in our collections and represents the many different kinds of things that we preserve. In addition to the many common articles we will display, we will highlight one item from our Special Collections: discharge papers from the Revolutionary War signed by General George Washington. This exhibition embodies the essence of a history museum's mission, and in so doing, shows the many ways there are to tell the story of our local community.


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