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Locally Sourced


Locally Sourced is a curated show of work by artists who are based in and around Ithaca: Mara Baldwin, Joshua Bonnetta, Leslie Brack, Gail Fitzgerald, Matthew Glaysher, Jeremy Holmes, Ron Jude, Nicholas Muellner, Ann Reichlin, Michael Robinson, and Melissa Zarem. 

The exhibition will feature work in a variety of media‚ÄĒincluding painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, and mixed media. Reflecting a kind of microcosm of contemporary art,¬†Locally Sourced shows that many of these artists work within a broader context, having shown their work across the world, from Russia to New Zealand and Scotland to Portugal. This will be the first time for the¬†participating¬†artists to exhibit at the Johnson¬†Museum

More details at museum.cornell.edu or 607.255.6464