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The Discovery Trail, a partnership of eight educational organizations in Tompkins County, New York, promotes awareness of its members’ programs and collections and fosters understanding of the connections among science, nature, and culture.


A community where curiosity flourishes and every resident and visitor uses the Discovery Trail to explore science, nature, and culture.

The goals of the Discovery Trail Partnership are:

  1. Leadership: to enhance our visitors’ experience of the world of learning and to advocate its importance;.
  2. Community-wide involvement: to promote lifelong engagement in Tompkins County’s informal educational resources and to encourage visitors of all ages to pursue self-directed learning outside the classroom;
  3. Project development: to develop innovative, collaborative educational projects;
  4. Audience development: to reach new audiences and increase the diversity and number of our visitors.
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Discovery Trail Visitor Survey:

The Discovery Trail conducts a biannual survey to collect visitor data.

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