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Mission & Vision

The Discovery Trail is a partnership of eight educational organizations serving Tompkins County, New York. The partners include the Cayuga Nature Center, Cornell Botanic Gardens, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, The History Center, Johnson Museum of Art, Museum of the Earth, Sciencenter, and Tompkins County Public Library.


To engage the curiosity of Tompkins County residents and visitors


100,000 ambassadors and engaged world citizens.

The Discovery Trail experience invites Tompkins County residents and visitors to engage their curiosity, entertain multiple perspectives, and expand their worldview to become engaged world citizens.

The goals of the Discovery Trail Partnership are:

  1. Leadership: to enhance our visitors’ experience of the world of learning and to advocate its importance;.
  2. Community-wide involvement: to promote lifelong engagement in Tompkins County’s informal educational resources and to encourage visitors of all ages to pursue self-directed learning outside the classroom;
  3. Project development: to develop innovative, collaborative educational projects;
  4. Audience development: to reach new audiences and increase the diversity and number of our visitors.
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Discovery Trail Visitor Survey:

The Discovery Trail conducts a biannual survey to collect visitor data.