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Welcome to the educational activities page. Each one of the eight Discovery Trail sites have posted an activity that you and your family can do at home and another activity to try while you are visiting the site.

From the History Center:

My Family Tree:  Many of you have probably read some or all of the "Little House on the Prairie" book series.  You know that Laura Ingalls and her family lived out West, but did you know that her family had their "roots" back here in New York State?

Download the Family Tree Activity (1Mb pdf)


From the Johnson Museum of Art:

Art Trek:  STOP, LOOK, AND WONDER TOUR OF THE JOHNSON MUSEUM For families with young children ages 3-7. The activity cards in this pack are a way for you and your child to explore the Museum together and to learn more about the art in our collection.

Download the Art Trek Activity (156Kb pdf)


From the Museum of the Earth:

Museum of the Earth Detectives:  Dinosaurs, fossils, and skeletons!

Download the Museum Detective Activity (61Kb pdf)


From the Sciencenter:

Draft Detective (part 1):  Create a Draft Catcher. As a draft detective you can make a simple device to detect drafts around the house. Once you put together a simple draft catcher, watch to see if the tissue paper flutters, indicating air flow and a draft. This device is easy to make and can be decorated however you’d like!

Download the Draft Detective (part 1) Activity (373Kb pdf)

Draft Detective (part 2):  Create A Draft Stopper. Now that you have made a draft catcher to detect where drafts are entering your house, use these simple plans to make a fabric draft stopper for the bottoms of doors or windowsills. Kids can then decorate the draft catcher as an animal or other fun creature.

Download the Draft Detective (part 2) Activity (381Kb pdf)

Sustainability Scavenger Hunt:  Sustainability at the Sciencenter. The word sustainability refers to living within our limits. This often means making choices that are better for the environment and better for us. Next time you visit the Sciencenter use this scavenger hunt to explore how we are making sustainable choices for our electricity, waste, and exhibits.

Download the Sustainability Scavenger Hunt Activity (33Kb pdf)
Download the Sustainability Scavenger Hunt Answers (37Kb pdf)


From the Tompkins County Public Library:

Be a Library Detective:  Use the clues below to discover all the great things you can find at your library! You can always ask for help from a library staff person – we are here to help! Do it by yourself or with a friend or family member!

Download the Library Detective Activity (328Kb pdf)

Basic Guide to the Dewey Decimal System for Non-Fiction Books:  By using the Dewey Decimal Numbers and their subjects, see if you can match the titles of these books with their section of the Dewey Decimal System!

Download the Dewey Decimal Matching Game (240Kb pdf)


From the Cayuga Nature Center:

What's Living Under the Logs and Rocks?  How many can you find?

Download the Under Log and Rock Scavenger Hunt (4.6Mb pdf)


From the Plantations:

Plantations at home activity:  Nature Printing at home
Create your own beautiful cards, wrapping paper and/or pictures using nature printing techniques! Using leaf inspired designs, learn how to imprint the exquisite patterns of leaf veins onto paper with block printing inks! This is so much fun for all ages.

Download Nature Printing (373Kb pdf)


Plantations on-site activity:  Vote for your favorite tree while visiting Cornell Plantations Arboretum! Using a marked map locate the 5 trees we think are special and tell us which one you like best and why!

Download the Tree Map (2.0Mb pdf)


From the Lab of Ornithology:

View the activities here.